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Collaborative & Cooperative Entrepreneurship

Your trading, social bartering, & community livelihood platform
Empowering you to become a services & goods entrepreneur
In your city & locally-reachable community.

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Make A Difference Everyday
By Being You.

Being a Bart means freedom to dream and create.

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    Belonging Matters More Than Ever

    Did we belong because we survived?
    Or did we survive because we belonged?

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    Vibrant Community Moments

    Don't just discover what's nearby.
    Connect through the best they've got to offer.

  • 3

    From Broadcast To Nearcast

    Be known by what you give & offer.
    Showcase your brand of awesome.

  • 4

    Keeping Track, Made Easy

    A clean and easy-to-use catalog helps you
    keep track of your products and transactions.

  • 5

    Reputations, Evolved

    BartDay ratings evolves & improves as you do.
    Just like the rest of the world.

  • 6

    Payments, The Way You Like It

    We will not tell you what's best.
    You tell us what you need, we follow.

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    And More ... With Bartering

    Trade & negotiate the way we used to.
    With integrity. But now done digital.

  • 8

    Intelligence & Awareness

    Your livelihood & passion thrives with:
    Knowledge. Action. And, soon, with BartDay.



  • Community Moments
  • Goods + Services
  • Cash + Online
  • Search Beacons
  • More ...


  • Community Moments
  • Goods + Services
  • Negotiate + Barter Trade
  • Cash + Online
  • Negotiate + Barter
  • Inventory + Showcase
  • Nearcast + Promote
  • Sell + Offer + Payments
  • Reputations + Passport
  • Of course, there's more ...

Bart Power

  • Community Moments
  • Goods + Services
  • Negotiate + Barter Trade
  • Cash + Online
  • Inventory + Showcase
  • Nearcast + Promote
  • Sell + Offer + Payments
  • Reputations + Passport
  • Client Search Beacons
  • Integrations + Livelihood Packs
  • Earn $10 Per 10 Bart Power Referred
  • Free 90-Day Trial
  • Of course, there's always more ...

Benefits You Will Love & Enjoy

The future will be more around cities and local communities.
Start right and get it right with BartDay.
Created, not for soul-less urbanity, but for vibrant and happy citizens.

Connecting Communities

BartDay is designed to showcase items and products around your local community. Connect with others around you and liven up your local economy.

Exceeding Limitations

Setting up an actual shop can be challenging and costly. BartDay bridges that gap by helping you create a digital presence of your shop in your community.

Including Everyone

Whether you're a homemaker, university student, handyman craftsperson, or just someone with a bright idea or offering, be heard and reach out.

Educating Dreams

Manage and keep track of your goods, services and sales easily. Know which products are in-demand, low in stock, or out of supply. Then go pursue ...

Improving Reputations

Reviews should never be static. Our ratings system keeps track of your performance over time to provide others with relevant and updated information.

Increasing Productivity

BartDay can help you earn extra income, share costs, & increase your productivity by expanding possibilities. It begins with that first step ... and BartDay.

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